shot me in the heart ∞ n°024

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Alexis L. Black
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shot me in the heart ∞ n°024 Empty
MessageSujet: shot me in the heart ∞ n°024   shot me in the heart ∞ n°024 EmptyJeu 3 Mar - 3:27

I am alone. Without you I am lost and alone. I am trying to find you but I am blind and deaf and you cannot hear my cries. Please find me. Please pick me up and fly me away from here. To a place where we belong, to a place where everything does not hurt. I am waiting for you. Until the day I die, I will wait and I will endure. I will cry but I will try to be strong. I will think of your smile and carry on. Because you are worth it. You are worth all of the pain in this world.
Alexis Laura
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Give me your hand I really need your help
Trembling in the dark it's time to find an answer
To counter the waves that've taken our life by storm

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shot me in the heart ∞ n°024

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